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COVID-19 May 18 Announcement

Alan Stephenson  | Published on 5/31/2020

May 18, 2020

Hello Everyone,

It looks like the worst has passed in our fight with Covid-19. The province and the city have started to lift some restrictions and have allowed our club to partially re-open, but we cannot become complacent in our efforts to beat this virus. Each of the clubs around the lake have implemented protocols designed to promote physical distancing so we can protect each other. To accomplish that we have had to bring in new but hopefully temporary measures.

  1. The clubhouse will remain closed and off-limits including washrooms, kitchen and BBQ’s

  2. No gathering of more than 5 people in a group

  3. No guests at the club that do not live at the same residence as the member

  4. No use of the fire pit

  5. Face masks are strongly recommended while within 2m of each other

  6. There is a logbook that must be signed upon entering and exiting the property

The good news is that we can go to the club to work on our boats to prepare for the season and if we choose, we can launch and head out on the lake. With any sort of luck, we may be able to have a boating season. I am expecting that more restrictions will be eased in the coming weeks if the infection rate continues to decline.

Thank you to everyone that participated in our club Zoom meeting. The board has been using online meetings for several years, but we have never tried a general meeting before. It was a great success and perhaps we will offer an online option for regular general meetings in the future.

All the Best,